#100 Long lash
#199 Very long and thick
#202 Dramatic
#66 False Eyelash
#747S Natural Everyday False Eyelash
$100.00 Gift Certificate
$150.00 Gift Certificate
$200.00 Gift Certificate
$25.00 Gift Certificate
$50.00 Gift Certificate
$75.00 Gift Certificate
About Us
Acne Treatment Gel
Adobe Mineral Blusher
Advanced Peptides Plus with Swiss Apple Stem Cell
Age Defy Neck Cream
Alchemy Lipstick
All Day Moisture
Allure (Formerly Spring Flirt)
Aloe Toner with Chamomile
Amazon Eyeshadow Kit
Amethyst Eyeliner with Sharpener in Cap
Amore Baked Beauty Mineral Eye Shadow
Army Wives Baked Triple Shadow
Ask Sherry
Aura Infinite Matte Eyeliner Deep Violet Purple
Baked Finishing Powders
Baked Mineral Blush Fusions
Bamboo Charcoal Mask
Bare Necessity Indelible Creme Eye Shadow
Barely There
BB Cream
Before/After Makeover By Cosmetic Cosmos
Before/After Makeover By Cosmetic Cosmos
Before/After Makeover By Cosmetic Cosmos
Before/After Makeover By Cosmetic Cosmos
Before/After Makeover By Cosmetic Cosmos
Before/After Makeover By Cosmetic Cosmos
Beige Intense Frost
Beige Intense Frost
Bejeweled Mineral Eyeshadow Kit
Belize Baked Beauty Mineral Eye Shadow
Berry Blend Volume Lipstick
Berrylicious Shimmer Matte
Bespoke Makeup in Newport, Rhode Island
Beverly Boulevard Satin Lipstick (Very Close to Previous Micro Teaberry)
Bit Of Shimmer Eyeshadows
Black and red fantasy lash
Black Fur Lash 001
Black fur lashes, side sweep
Black Gel Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil Ninja
Blackout Gel Eyeliner Jar
Blazing Heat Eye Shadow Kit
Blush/Bronzer Brush
Body Beam Disco Silver
Bonsai Infinite Matte Eyeliner Forest Green
Born to Beam Liquid Shadow and Base
Bright Ultimate Lipliner Take Me
Brightening Day Protection SPF 50
Bronze Frost Indelible Creme Eyeshadow
Bronze Goddess Gift Bag
Bronze Gold Lipstick
Bronze Trio
Brow and Lash Groomer
Brow Pencil (Previously Browblender Pencil)
Brow Pencil Deep Brunette (Very Close to previous Dark Taupe Browblender)
Brow Solutions
Brown Fusion Baked Mineral Eye Shadow
Brush On Brow (Three Shades Available)
Brush Sets and Gift Sets
Bubblegum Pink Mineral Lipstick 17
Buff Eyeliner with Sharpener Cap
Burlesque Liquid Blush
Camouflage Brush
Candy Apple Ultimate Lip Liner Red
Celebrate Lipgloss
Champagne Mineral Lipstick #648
Champagne Sparks Eyeliner with Sharpener Cap - 1 LEFT
Circus Eye Shadow Kit
City Girl Baked Triple Shadow
Claret Shadow
Cleansers and wrinkle treatments
Cleopatra Ultimate Eyeliner Gold
Cloud Eyeshadow
Cloud Nine White Shadow with Subtle Gold Shimmer
Coconut Charcoal Daytime Moisturizer
Collagen Fibre Eye Pads (Pack of Six)
Collagen Lipsticks
Collagen Serum
Conceal Neutral Amber
Conceal Neutral Dark
Conditioning Smoothing Balm
Contact Us
Cool Beige
Copperpink Mineral Lipstick 653
Cosmetic Bag #MAKEUP
Cosmetic Bag Small Black Quilted
Cosmetic Bag Small Quilted White
Cosmetic Brushes
Cosmetic Gift Certificates
Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener Advanced Design
Cosmetics for Your Eyes
Cosmetics for Your Face
Cosmetics for Your Lips
Cosmic Corals
cosmic sparkle dust Baby Blue Mist
cosmic sparkle Dust Teal Gleam
Cosmopink Mineral Lipstick 495
Cranberry Crush Intense Frost
Cranberry Ice Lipstick
Cream Blush Sticks and Liquid Blush
Creamsicle Mineral Lipstick 969
Crush Lipstick
Crush Vanilla Bean Mineral Lipstick
Curated Gift Set
Curly, natural lash DW
Curly, thick lash 15
Cutie Lipgloss
Dark Blue
Dark Purple
Deep Sea Matte Eyeshadow
Deluxe Brush Set with Black Leather Case
Demi Wispies False Eyelashes
Detail Angle Brush
Diamond Gel Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil White/Silver
Dimensional Shadows
Double Mint Lip Glosses
Dual Action Concealer
Dual Color Eyeliner and Definer Snow White/Very Black with Sharpener
Dual Mineral Pressed Powders
Dual Powder Mineral Foundation Warm Sunset #36
Duo Latex Free Brush On Strip Lash Adhesive
Economy Brush Set
Ecstasy Liquid Lips Lipgloss Pinky Peach With Gold Shimmer
Enchanted Forest Eyeshadow Palette
Endangered Deep Teal Gel Eyeliner
Envy Me Waterproof Eyeliner
Evening Bags and Train Cases
Everyday Eye Lift
Exfoliating Cleansing Nectar
Extra Large Goat Powder Brush
Extra Thick and Curly Long Black Lash
Eye Candy Bright Mineral Eyeshadows
Eye Primers, Mascaras and Liquid and Cream Eyeshadows
Eyelash Glue
Eyelash Primer Thickening Formula
Eyelights Extreme Glimmer and Sparkle
Eyeshadow kit Browns/Yellows
Eyeshadow kit Monochrome Blacks/Whites
Eyeshadow Kits
Face Kits
Fall/Winter Colors Eyeset
False Eyelashes
Fan Brush
Father's Day Special Gift Offer
Felt Tip Eyeliner Black
Firm Protect Repair Cream
Firm Up Tone Up Eye Cream
Firming Cream Concentrate for Eyes
Flirtations Eyeshadow
Floral Make-up Travel Bag
Flutter Liquid Blush
Foundation Brush Dual Ended Rose Gold Brush on One End and Silicone Applicator on Other
Foundation Brush Tip and Blend (Third from Top)
Foundation Brush Top of Photo Mini Blending Sponge Set
foundation stick creme beige
foundation stick pale beige
Foundation Stick SPF-8/Natural Beige
Foundation Stick SPF-8/Soft Cream
Foundation Stick Tender Beige
Foundation Stick Tender Beige
Foundations Sticks
Fragrance Free body Butter with Cocoa Butter and Avocado Oil
Frosted Ruby Mineral Lipstick 763
Full Coverage Concealer
Full Coverage Concealer Deep
Full Coverage Concealer Light
Full Coverage Concealer Medium
Full Coverage Concealer Neutral Beige
Full, wispy black lashes
Fur Sidesweep Lash
Galena Street (Very close in shade to previous color Micro Sunberry)
Garden Bouquet Blush
Gel Cream Cleanser
Gel Liner with Brush Set
GEL WATERPROOF EYELINER (Seven Shades in Pull Down Menu)
Gentle Eye Make-up Remover withChammomile and Aloe Vera 5 oz.
Gift Cards & Gifts
Gift Ideas And Accessories
Gift Sets and Cosmetic Bags
Giftset Bag
Glimmering Sea
Glycolic Acid 10% Retexturizing Serum
Glycolic Acid Facial Toner
Golden Beige Foundation Stick
Golden Cream-to-Powder Foundation Close Out (Deep Yellowish Undertone)
Goldiluxe Lip Lustre
Goldpink Mineral Lipstick 695
Gravity Waterproof Gel Eyeliner Pencil Deep Slate
Gray Matte Eyeshadow
Greystone German Eyeliner with Sharpener in Cap - ONLY 2 LEFT
Gypsy Baked Triple Shadow
Healthy Skincare
High Voltage Bright Coral Cream Matte Lipstick
Highlighter Ultimate Eyeliner
Honey Beige Foundation Stick (Very Close to Former Tone Country Beige)
Hush Mineral Blusher
Hydra-Moist Hyaluronic Acid Serum
Hydration X3 Mist
I Do Mineral Eyeshadow Kit Neutral Mattes and Slight Shimmers
I Want Mauve Volume Lipstick
I-Rave Mica Eyeshadows
I-Rave Mineral Eyeshadows
Iced Coffee
Individual Eyelashes Short
Individual False Eyelashes Medium Length
Infinite Matte Eyeliner Matrix Midnight Black
Infinite Matte Eyeliner Neptune Deep Navy
Infinite Matte Eyeliner Pencils, Ultimate Gel Eyeliners, Gel Eyeliner Jars and Felt Tip Liners
Infinite Matte Eyeliner Storm Deep Gray
Infinite Matte Eyeliner Truffle Chocolate Brown
Instant Action Wrinkle Smoother
Intense Coral
Intense Emotion Frost
Intimate Wash
Jasper Light Teal Eyeshadow with Silver Shimmer
Journey Super Silky Shadow Matte
Kabuki Brush Soft Two Tone Pink
Large Domed Bronzer and Powder Brush Goat and Sable
Large Powder and Bronzer Brush
Latex Free Clear Lash Glue
Lavenderpink Mineral Lipstick 35
Libido Purple Waterproof Gel Eyeliner Pencil
Lifting and Firming Face Primer
Lime Green Mica
Limeburst German Silkliner Pencil
Liner Brush
Lip Gels
Lip Glosses
Lip Liners and Lip Pencils
Lip Oil Sheer Melon
Lip Pens
Lip Toxyl X3
Liptoxyl Clear X3 and Clear Ultra Glaze
Liquicolor Liquid Quartz
Liquid Eyeliner
Liquid Lips Trio Sunset red/Mauve/Mocha
Liquid Lustre
Liquid Powder Minderal Makeup Pale Beige
Liquid Powder Mineral Makeup
Liquid Powder Mineral Makeup Almond
Liquid Powder Mineral Makeup Cameo Beige
Liquid Powder Mineral Makeup Cream Beige
Liquid Powder Mineral Makeup Linen
Liquid Powder Mineral Makeup Natural Beige
Liquid Powder Mineral Makeup Porcelain
Liquid Powder Mineral Makeup Tender Beige
Liquid Powder Mineral Makeup Vanilla Cream
LL Cream Matte Liquid Lipstick Transfer Resistant (Mattes and Matte Shimmers)
LL Lip Creams
Long, curly thick lash #102
Loose Mineral Powder
Luminous Foundation
Luminous Foundation Pale Beige
Luminous Foundation, BB Cream and Touch of Radiance, Touch of Sun and Touch of Tan Botanical Tinted Moisturizers
Lush Mascara Healthy Reformulation with No Parabens
Luxe Creme Waterproof Eyeliners Large Pot
Luxury Gloss
Luxury Mascara Black
Luxury Mascara Navy
Luxury Skin Cream
Luxury Waterproof Mascara
Makeover By Cosmetic Cosmos
Makeover By Cosmetic Cosmos
Makeover By Cosmetic Cosmos
Makeover By Cosmetic Cosmos
Makeover By Cosmetic Cosmos
Makeover By Cosmetic Cosmos
Makeup Artist in Newport, RI
Mania Lip Luster
Manskin - Skincare for Men
Manskin Aftershave and Shave Serum Set Special
Manskin Aftershave Lotion
MANSKIN Golden Glow Shave Serum
Maple Leaf Bouquet Blush
Maple Leaf Swirl Bouquet Blush
Marcasite Deep Slate Gel Eyeliner
Matte Bronze Baked Finishing Powder
Matte Color Stix
Matte Eyeshadow Duet Kits
Matte Eyeshadows
Matte Natural Tan Mineral Bronzer
Meadow Green Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow
Mica Pots
Mica, Glimmers, Sparkles & and I-Rave Mineral Eyeshadows
Millennium Gold Body Beam
Mineral Bronzers
Mineral Concealer Stick Light
Mineral Concealer Stick Light Medium
Mineral Concealer Stick Light Peach
Mineral Concealer Stick Medium
Mineral Concealer Stick Medium Peach
Mineral Concealer Stick with Brush
Mineral Concealer Sticks and Pens
Mineral Eyeshadows with Applicator
Mineral Illuminating Concealer Click Pen (Click for Shade Choices)
Mineral Lipglosses Mega Frost, Vanilla Beans and Diamond Gloss with Vitamins
Mineral Lipglosses Vanilla Bean, Mega Frost and Diamond Gloss with Vitamins
Mineral Makeup
Mini Foundation Brush Second from Top
Mint Chocolate Mica
Mint Light Green Eyeliner with Sharpener in Cap
Mint Mini Lip Glosses
Mint Minis Lipgloss
Mint Ultra Glaze
Mint Ultraglaze Mini Lipgloss
Mirror Compact Self Standing And Folding for Travel and Home Vanity
Molten Metal for Eyes, Lips and Face
Mona Lisa Mineral Eye Shadow Splits
Moonbeam Eyeshadow
Moonglow Intense Frost Lipstick
Mystery Super Silky Shadow Matte
Mythology Waterproof Gel Eyeliner Pencil Bronze
Nano Ceramic Boar and Nylon Bristle Hairbrush
Nano Ceramic Boar and Nylon Bristle Hairbrush
Nano Ceramic Boar and Nylon Super Jumbo Brush
Natural Beauty Gift Bag
Natural black lash
Natural hair easy lash
Natural Lines Bronzer
Nectar Baked Blush
Neutrals Gift Set
Novelty Wild Eyelashes
Nude Beach Eyeshadow Kit
Oceanic Waterproof Gel Eyeliner
Oil Free Foaming Eye Makeup Remover with Aloe and Chamomile
Olive Trio Baked Eyeshadow
Parlor - 2 LEFT IN STOCK
Party Girl Baked Triple Shadow
Peace Bronzy Peach Liquid Blush
Pencil Lip Liners
Pencil Set in Travel Case
Peptox Radiance Serum
Peptox Wrinkle Relaxing Creme
Perfect Finish Concealer
Perfect Finish Concealer Light Neutral LC1
Perfect Finish Setting Spray
Pie Shadows
Pink About It Lip Liner
Pink and Deep Mauve Mineral Eye Shadow
Pink Champagne Mineral Lipstick 675
Pink Faux Crocodile Brush Case (Brushes Sold Separately)
Pink Lady Eyeliner
Pink Lady Sparks Eyeliner with Sharpener Cap - ONLY 1 LEFT
Pink Lingerie Mineral Lipstick 702
Pink Paisley Clutch Cosmetic Bag
Pink Princess Lipglass
Platinum Eyeliner with Sharpener Cap
Pointed Individual Lash Applicator
Pore Perfecting Face Primer
Portabello Eyeshadow
Precision Brow Pencil
Pretty Little Thing Mineral Eyeshadow Kit
Pretty-N-Pink Blush
Privacy Policy
Prosecco Lip Gloss
Purple and Black Novelty Lash
Purple Paradise Eyeshadow Kit
Purple Passion German Eyeliner with Sharpener in Cap - ONLY 1 LEFT
Queen Bee Bold Effects Bright Yellow Eyeshadow
Quest Waterproof Gel Eyeliner Brown
Red Carpet Lipgloss
Red Lipsticks
Red Tea Moisturizing Serum with Sodium Hyaluronate
Refine Line Automatic Waterproof Lip Liner Beach Babe
Retexturizing Face Primer Spf20
Retractable Lip Brush
Retractable Powder Brush
Rich Bronze
Rose Gold Baked Blush
Rose Hibiscus Soothing Facial Mist
Rose Intense Frost
Rosemary Mint Shampoo
Royal Crown Gold Lipstick
Ruby Slippers Mineral Diamond Gloss
Salicylic Acid Cleanser
Sand Dune
Satin Glow Baked Finishing Powder
Satinizer Liquid Lustre
Scalp Oil Rosemary Mint
Scuba Dive Gel Eyeliner Purple/Black
Shadow Brush
Shamrock Emerald Green Mica
Shave Serum Special - Two for $20.00
Sheer Mineral Tint
Sheer Mineral Tint Broad Spectrum SPF20
Shine Bright
Shop By Category
Silkliner Eye Pencil Bright Blue
Silkliner Eye Pencil Deep Purple
Silkliner Eye Pencil Gilded Lid
Silkliner Eye Pencil Lilac Whisper
Silkliner Eye Pencil Lime Burst
Silkliner Eye Pencil Silvery Blue
Silkliner Eye Pencil Starlight Silver
Single Blushes and Bronzers
Single Shadows
Siren Super Silky Shadow Matte Mid Size
Site Technical
Six In One Clean Mascara
Skin Primers and Treatments
Skin Smoother
Skinnydip Lipgloss
Sky Trio Baked Mineral Eyeshadow
Slate Matte Eyeshadow
Smolder Eyeshadow
Smooth Lip Liners
Smudger Brush
Snakeskin Waterproof Eyeliner
Solar Lip Flare Simmer
Solar Lip Flare Sunrise
Sparkle City Gift Bag
Spun Silk Indelible Creme Eye Shadow
Squirt Lipgloss
Strip Eyelash Applicator
Sugarcoat Mineral Lipstick 40
Sugarplum Mineral Eyeshadow Kit
Sun Care and Self Tanning
Sun Lines Bronzer
Sun Shower and Bronzique
Sunshine Mineral Eyeshadow Kit
Sunstreak Intense Frost
Swirl Bronzer/Blusher
Swirl Bronzers and Blushes
Sylvie Color Stick for Lips (Close in Shade to previous shade Micro Heather)
Tan Lines Bronzer
Tanning Mitt Professional
Tanning Mouse with Professional Mitt
Tanning Mousse Dark
Tanning Mousse with Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera
Teal Glam
Test Item
Thank You
The Eyes Have It Gift Bag
Tinted Primer SPF 20
Touch Automatic Lipliner w/brush
Touch of Radiance Tinted Moisturizer Airless Pump Easy Application
Touch of Sun Botanical Tinted Moisturizer Airless Pump Easy Application
Touch of Tan Botanical Tinted Moisturizer Airless Pump Easy Application
Train Case Large Quilted White
Train Case Quilted Medium Black
Triple Split Eyeshadow in Jungle (greens)
Triple Split Eyeshadows
True Desire Mineral Lipstick
Tumbleweed Eyeshadow Beige/Gold
Tweezers And Clippers
Twinkle Lip Lustre
Ultimate Eyelash Primer Thickening Formula
Ultimate Lip Liners
Ultra Violet Eye Shadow
Under Eye Lightener, Concealer / Lid Primer
Uptown Girl Luxury Gloss
Uptown Girl Luxury Gloss
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Vita-Eye Firming Eye Serum
Vitamin C Serum Dual Source
Vitamin E Lip Treatment
Waltz Indelible Creme Eye Shadow
Warm Tan Foundation Stick (Bit of yellow undertone)
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Wet/Dry Dual Powder Foundation Light Beige #31
Wet/Dry Dual Powder Foundation Light Sunset #35
Wet/Dry Dual Powder Foundation Nude #28
Wet/Dry Dual Powder Foundation Rich Beige #34
Wet/Dry Dual Powder Foundation Warm Beige #42
Wet/Dry Dual Powder Mineral Foundation Forever Beige #43
Wet/Dry Powder Foundation Antique Beige #41
Wet/Dry Powder Foundation Pale Ivory #30
Witchcraft Eyeshadow
Wonder Liquid Blush
Wonderer Eyeshadow
Wonderland - 4 LEFT IN STOCK
Wrinkle Smooth Serum with Red Algae
XLXL Mascara
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